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The Treasure Coast did not receive its name by accident. The tons of treasure left at the bottom of the ocean from sunken ship remains true to this day. Your home and these ships have one key thing in common: they both fall (and fell) victim to storms, hurricanes, and other calamities that bring disaster to your property.

Did your property get washed away from natural disaster beyond your control? Are you struggling to recuperate from the damage that remains? Don’t get washed away. The lawyers of Kling Law can help you reclaim your treasure and get back home.

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Did you know:

On average, two hurricanes or tropical storms will hit the state of Florida annually. 2017 was the first year that 4 hurricanes have made landfall since 2005. Florida is at the greatest risks of property damage due to having a combination of the longest seacoast in the continental U.S. and low elevation and high water tables.

With these statistics, it is not surprising that your home is at risk of natural disaster damage often. However, when Mother Nature strikes, is your insurance policy ready to support you the way you need support? Roughly 90% of homeowner insurance policy holders are confused or mislead by their policy coverage, leaving them with little or even no payouts from an insurance claim.

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When bad weather strikes, don’t be left to defend your home out of your own pockets. Kling Law’s team of experienced lawyers are ready to tackle the Treasure Coast insurance claims needing help. We specialize in:

Not only are we experienced in these areas, but we also bring to the table the most tenacious and aggressive legal team in Tallahassee. Defending clients’ property for 9 years, we are ready to help tackle your insurance claim. We will work tirelessly for you, not stopping until you have a settlement and a payout in your hands.

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